Leftose® Tablets

What is the recommended dosage for Leftose® tablet?

2-3 tablets orally, 3 times daily

Is Leftose® tablet safe for children to consume?

Leftose® tablet is considered safe for children to consume if the child is able to chew and swallow a tablet without choking.

Leftose® Syrup

What is the recommended dosage for Leftose® syrup?

  • 1-2 years old  : 1-2ml : 3 times daily
  • 3-6 years old : 2-3ml : 3 times daily
  • 7-12 years old: 5-6ml : 3 times daily

Is Leftose® syrup only for children’s consumption? Can both adults and children take it as well?

Leftose® Syrup is formulated to make it easy for children to consume, as some children are unable to chew or swallow tablets. It is also tasty to drink, making it easy for parents to administer it to the children. Adults can take it as well, but most adults prefer the convenience of taking tablets or lozenges.

Leftose® Lozenges

What is LyzoMAX?

LyzoMAX is a special formulation using Lysozyme Hydrochloride as the main active ingredient.

What’s the difference between Leftose® lozenges with Honey Lemon and Leftose® MAX lozenges?

  • Leftose® lozenges with Honey Lemon comes with 90mg of LyzoMAX and is flavoured with honey lemon
  • Leftose® MAX lozenges come with a higher dosage of 120mg LyzoMAX and is flavoured with blackcurrant. It also contains Vitamin C and Zinc.Vitamin C is one of the most well-known vitamins that helps to boost our body’s immune system. We get it from our diet by eating Vitamin C-rich foods like fresh fruit and vegetables. Our bodies cannot produce Vitamin C or store large amounts of Vitamin C, so taking Vitamin C during a bout of infection can help boost the body’s immunity and reduce the severity and duration of symptoms.
    Zinc is a mineral, and like Vitamin C; supports the immune system, as well as the protection of cells from oxidative stress. Zinc is required for healthy growth and development. Although essential to our immune systems, we do not produce Zinc.

Vitamin C and Zinc are both great immune boosters that work synergistically together to boost the body’s immunity.

Are Leftose® lozenges safe for children to consume?

Leftose® lozenges is considered safe for children to consume if the child is able to suck a lozenge without choking.

How are Leftose® lozenges different from other lozenges?

  • Leftose® lozenges is made from a 100% natural enzyme
  • It has a unique dual action of relieving sore throat and dissolving phlegm
  • It does not numb the tongue like other lozenges, so you can still taste your food
  • It is sugar free


What is the main active ingredient in Leftose® products?

The main active ingredient is Lysozyme Hydrochloride, a natural enzyme derived from egg white. Lysozyme Hydrochloride can also be found in our bodies in tears, saliva, breastmilk and the nasal mucus.

What does Lysozyme Hydrochloride do?

Lysozyme Hydrochloride has two actions. Firstly, it helps to thin and break down clingy phlegm from air passage walls, making it easier to cough the phlegm out; secondly, to help relieve the symptoms of sore throat by reducing swelling and throat discomfort.

Who should not take Leftose®?

Leftose® is made from Lysozyme Hydrochloride, which is derived from egg white, and may not be suitable for those with egg allergies.

Are Leftose® products suitable for consumption during pregnancy and for lactating mothers?

Leftose® products are generally safe for consumption. However, no clinical studies have been done on pregnant and lactating mothers. It is best to consult a medical professional prior to consumption, if in doubt

What is the best time to consume Leftose® products? - before or after meals?

Leftose® can be consumed before, with, or after food.

What are the differences between Leftose® Tablet, Syrup and Lozenges

Leftose® TabletSyrupLozenges (Honey Lemon)MAX (Blackcurrant)
Lysozyme Hydrochloride30mg per tablet5mg per ml of Leftose syrup90mg per lozenge120mg per lozenge
FlavourOriginalOriginalHoney LemonBlackcurrant
Recommended dosage2-3 tablets, 3 times daily* 1-2 years old: 1-2ml, 3 times daily
* 3-6 years old: 2-3ml, 3 times daily
* 7-12 years old: 5-6ml, 3 times daily
1 lozenge every 2-3 hours (up to 8 per day)1 lozenge every 2-3 hours (up to 6 per day)
Recommended age group12 years and aboveChildren (1-12 years old)12 years and above12 years and above

Where can I buy Leftose® products?

You can purchase Leftose® products at most clinics and major retail pharmacies.