What makes Leftose® so effective?

    Leftose® is made from Lysozyme, a natural enzyme which may help to

    + Clear the lungs

    + Soothe the throat

    The 2-in-1 natural, non-drowsy remedy help to clear the lungs and soothe the throat

    Its proven formula has been trusted by millions across the globe – adults and children alike – for over four decades.

    • Promoting throat comfort

      throat comfort

    • Supporting clear airways

      clear airways

    Bring real relief, real fast to your throat with Leftose®.

    Leftose® Tablets

    Fast relief is just a Leftose® tablet away. These pint-sized tablets are easy to swallow, and highly effective.
    The non-drowsy formula ensures that you can still go about with your daily activities with no disruption to your schedules.

    Leftose® tablets are safe for regular use and easy to store. Convenient to keep some at home, in the office, or in your bag.

    Leftose® Syrup

    Leftose® is also available in syrup form. It is formulated with lysozyme, an all natural enzyme that is also found in tears, milk and saliva. Its natural, sweet taste makes this soothing on both taste buds and tummies, making it especially easy to administer to kids.

    *Not suitable for individuals with egg allergies.

    Leftose® Lozenges

    Delight your tired throat with the soothing relief that Leftose® lozenges provide. These sugar-free lozenges contain lysozyme, a natural enzyme that clear the lungs and soothe the throat. Available in 2 great tasting flavours, honey lemon and blackcurrant.

    Leftose® Gummies

    Leftose®  Black Elderberry Gummies are the kids-approved way to ensure your children get their daily dose of Black Elderberry, Vitamin C and Zinc! Two gummies provide the equivalent of over 5 grams of black elderberry fruit.

    Leftose®  Black Elderberry Gummies is a perfect part of your family’s daily routine to help support your child’s immune system all year round. Our gummies taste so good you may need to hide the bottle, so the kids don’t try to eat them all in one day!

    Real relief, Real fast with Leftose® tablets & syrup

    All-natural active ingredient

    Formulated with lysozyme, a natural enzyme found in the human body.

    Superior quality

    Only the highest quality ingredients are used to make Leftose® products. In fact, it takes over 10,000 eggs to extract 1kg of Lysozyme Hydrochloride!

    Trusted for generations

    Leftose® is the original Lysozyme brand. It has been trusted and loved by generations for over 4 decades. (and counting!)

    Fast and effective

    Leftose® works quickly and delivers fast, effective results.

    Where to find us

    Get the double relief you need today.

    Leftose® is available at all leading pharmacies, clinics near you and selected online stores.

    Best Selling Throat Relief Tablet

    * Based on leading pharmacy sales 2015 – 2017

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