What’s Your KrypTHROATnite?

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and as with past years, sore throat always ensues. Le turned two and I have been rather liberal with his consumption of snacks. As long as he’s game to try, I let him. And boy, does he love to try!

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It’s no secret Le has an insatiable appetite when it comes to food. He’s a snack monster!

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In fact, to shoot these photos, I bribed him with his favourite rice crackers and biscuits. Look at how he’s grinning from ear to ear! He can probably do this all day lol.

Sore throat is one of the trickiest symptoms to treat when it comes to children. They are too young to take lozenges and there simply aren’t many options around. I speak from past experience when I was working as a retail pharmacist that Leftose is a highly popular remedy for sore throats, and you would be glad to know they have a syrup version for kids!

Leftose syrup is naturally sweet

Leftose contains Lysozyme Hydrochloride, a natural enzyme derived from egg white (not recommended if one is allergic to eggs!). Lysozyme can also be found in tears, saliva, nasal mucus, and even breastmilk! It works via two actions – breaks down phlegm and reduces inflammation and discomfort. The formula is non-drowsy so you can still go about your daily activities without disruption!

Fun fact – it takes 10,000 eggs to extract 1kg of Lysozyme!

I’m not particular about sugar content in general but if you are, Leftose syrup is sugar-free! In fact, it is naturally sweet, making it easy to administer to children. It can be used on kids one year old and above.

For adults, there are more options!

Leftose tablets are teeny tiny which makes them extremely easy to swallow

The tablets are my go-to and I recommend it to all my family members whenever their throats start to hurt. My tip is take them on the first sign of sore throat to nip it in the bud!

The lozenges, I believe, are rather new.

Leftose MAX is only available via clinics.

They are safe for anyone who can suck on a safely lozenge without choking and are great for quick relief.

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With Chinese New Year just round the corner, do yourself a favour and have some of Leftose’s range of products on standby so that you don’t have to scramble for medications at the last minute during the festive period!

You may find out more about Leftose here.

Meanwhile, happy Chinese New Year in advance!


Credits to original article at https://nhyphen.wordpress.com/2020/01/20/whats-your-krypthroatnite/ by Huiyi on January 20,2020