How to Get Rid of Phlegm, Naturally

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Phlegm in the throat is not only a nuisance, it can be debilitating if your job performance depends on how effectively you can use your voice. (This includes singers, teachers, presenters, salespersons, telemarketers, customer service staff, emcees, and just about everyone else.)

What is phlegm?

Before you blame phlegm for plaguing your throat and voice, it’s important to know that phlegm actually plays a crucial function. The mucus that lines your throat actually helps to lubricate it and remove unwanted substances before they go into your body. When you’re ill, phlegm is also one way that your body expels toxins.

But of course, too much phlegm causes issues with everyday life. And while medication is certainly an option, we believe that the best solutions for eliminating phlegm and soothing sore throats are natural, drug-free ones.

Drink up!

Adequate hydration is crucial to a speedy recovery. We recommend keeping a bottle of warm water near you – at work and at home – and taking regular sips of warm water throughout the day.

Warm liquids will help to remove congestions by moving excess phlegm from your throat. It can also prevent more phlegm from building up, while helping your body to recover. Not a fan of plain water? Hot teas, soups and lemon water will work too.

Eucalyptus oil to the rescue

If you feel that the phlegm is originating from mucus in the chest, you can try this natural eucalyptus oil remedy. Simply apply a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to your chest, then ‘rub it in’ with your hand. Alternatively, you can use a diffuser and inhale the vapour.

As a bonus, these solutions can also help to relieve any accompanying chesty coughs that you may have. While this remedy is safe for adults, we advise checking with your doctor before applying essential oils on children.

Keep the air moist

Is phlegm a consistent issue for you? Consider investing in a humidifier that you can turn on whenever you’re at home (and preferably throughout the night as you sleep). The moisture in the air will be helpful for thinning mucus, making it easier to expel (and more comfortable for your throat).

In hot and sunny Singapore, a cool mist humidifier could also serve additional purposes, cooling you down while refreshing you! Alternatively, a low-cost alternative is to simply boil hot water and breathe in the steam – although we much prefer using a humidifier for better results.

Take buckwheat honey

Instead of visiting the doctor, let nature have a shot at clearing troublesome phlegm. Research has shown that buckwheat honey can provide relief from phlegm in a similar way that medicine does – except that honey is 100% natural and contains a host of other nutritional properties.

Simply take a spoonful of buckwheat honey several times a day, together with a warm cup of water. This remedy works well on kids too. As a bonus, children will love the sweet taste of this “natural medication”.

Get fast relief with Leftose®

Perhaps the fastest and most comfortable way of waving goodbye to phlegm is with Leftose®, a natural remedy that supports throat comfort. What makes Leftose® unique is its all-natural active ingredient, lysozyme. Lysozyme is a natural enzyme that’s found in the human body. How does Leftose® get this amazing enzyme? By extracting it from the highest quality eggs available!

We recommend giving kids the sweet-tasting Leftose® syrup, while adults can choose either the syrup or easy-to-swallow tablets that are tiny but highly effective!